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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you determine pricing?
    My rate is $200 an hour. My minimum charge is $200 I accept all forms of payment. Prices do not include GST. If you feel you got exceptional service, tipping is appreciated. How much you tip depends on your financial position. If you can barely afford your tattoo then a kind word, gesture (google review) or gift would suffice. If you are ballin, then by all means spread the wealth!
  • Why do you need a deposit?
    Your non refundable deposit enters you into an agreement with your artist. Our end of the deal is that we will put in the hours of preparation for your tattoo, and we turn away other people that would like your time slot. We show up prepared at that time and place to do your specific design on you in particular. Your end of the deal is showing up on time ready to be tattooed. In this contract, bullshit is prohibited. Your deposit will be forfeited if you commit the act of bullshitting. Acts of bullshittery: changing your subject matter after consultation, requiring more than two design revisions, rescheduling within 48 hours of your appointment, showing up more than 30 minutes late, showing up sick, drunk, high, stinky or pregnant. Not showing up at all, showing up with your kids, showing up with someone else’s kids. Leaving your deposit with us for over one year. Deposits are $210 for most tattoos. Large or complicated tattoos require a larger deposit. Deposits are required for ALL appointments. Your deposit will come off the LAST appointment of your tattoo.
  • How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?
    You’ve got to be at least 18 to get tattooed. No one under 18, not even with parental permission.
  • Can I bring my kids or pets?
    No children or pets unless they are certified in the prevention of cross contamination and handling bloodbourne pathogens.
  • How do I care for my new tattoo?
    These instructions apply if we have dressed your fresh tattoo with an absorbent pad. 1. Remove bandage after 3hrs, Leave it on for maximum 24hrs. DO NOT RE-BANDAGE! 2. Wash tattoo with your hands, warm water and mild antibacterial soap. Be sure to pat it dry. Don't rub it dry. 3. Apply a light layer of aftercare balm or unscented lotion after you have cleaned your tattoo only if it feels tight. 4. Use aftercare balm or unscented lotion ONCE or TWICE a day for 2 weeks. Your tattoo will "peel" as it heals - this is normal. The aftercare balm or unscented moisturizer will always make your tattoo look new. Don't over do it while it heals! Be sure to use CLEAN hands whenever you are applying anything to your tattoo! THINGS TO AVOID: -AVOID SUN EXPOSURE UNTIL TATTOO IS HEALED. AFTER IT HAS HEALED USE A GOOD SUNBLOCK TO PRESERVE YOUR NEW TATTOO -AVOID EXCESSIVE MOISTURE - LET THAT SCAB SET - WET IN THE SHOWER IS OK, DO NOT SUBMERGE THE NEW TATTOO IN WATER WHILE HEALING. THIS ALSO INCLUDES SWEATING -AVOID EXERCISING THE AREA YOU GOT TATTOOED. -AVOID TIGHT CLOTHING - NOTHING SHOULD BE RUBBING YOUR TATTOO WHILE IT HEALS. -AVOID PICKING OR SCRATCHING YOUR NEW TATTOO - LET THE SCABS OR SKIN FLAKES COME OFF NATURALLY -AVOID YOUR FRIEND'S AFTERCARE ADVICE - LISTEN TO YOUR ARTIST For tegaderm or saniderm bandages, follow instruction given to you by your artist.
  • What is your touch-up policy?
    If your tattoo isn’t healing quite right and you think it needs a touch-up, wait until it is completely healed. This can take up to 12 weeks. Trying to fix a tattoo that isn’t healed yet will just make it worse and could cause an infection or damage the tattoo further. Be patient, it’ll be worth the wait! Just get in contact with me and explain what has happened. Touch-ups are a normal part of getting a tattoo and I want your work to look its best. Unless it's on your hands or feet, touch-ups are free (within one year) and I'm happy to do it. Regular rates apply if it is clear that the unsatisfactory healing is from negligent aftercare or if you reschedule or don't show up for your touch-up appointment.
  • How should I prepare for my appointment?
    -Make sure you get a good sleep the night before. -Clear your schedule the day of your appointment. We don’t need you hurried, late and frazzled. Don’t have another appointment planned after your tattoo. Unless you’d like a rushed or incomplete tattoo. -Eat a good meal before an hour or two before your appointment. Low blood sugar levels during your tattoo could cause dizziness and fainting. -Have a shower. Don’t come straight from your stinky job. -Don’t drink too much caffeine, you have to hold still for a long time. -If you are sick or injured, reschedule your appointment. We need your immune system focusing as much as possible on healing your tattoo. -Wear loose fitting, expandable, comfortable clothing. We might get ink on whatever you wear, so make sure it’s dark and you’re not attached to it. A zip up hoodie can be very versatile, and double as a pillow or blanket. -Bring sunglasses. You might have a light in your face if your tattoo is up high. -Bring water and a snack for longer sessions. -Don’t bring people. Even after the pandemic, you can only bring one person. If you really need them, maybe. Ask your artist. -Do not use Apple Maps to find us. They will send you to the corresponding address on EAST Columbia (Which is a hospital). We are on plain ol’ regular Columbia St.
  • What about parking?
    There is metered parking along Columbia St, and a parkade at the bottom of 4th St.

It's your friendly neighbourhood ink-flinger here, ready to tackle all the questions you have about the tattooing process. As a seasoned tattoo artist, I know there are a ton of things that can pop into your mind when you're thinking about getting inked up. That's why I've created this frequently asked questions page, where I'll be giving you the lowdown on all the ins and outs of tattoos.

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