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Congratulations, you've discovered the educational section of my site. Witness as I unravel the mysteries of the tattoo universe. The articles and videos I post here will be so in depth, they will make the  Frequently Asked Questions page look barren and useless in comparison.


Over time my intention is to make this a vast depository of tattoo information to help turn every day people into super geniuses able to make finely honed decisions about their plans for their tattooed future. I'm about to unleash a tsunami of insider secrets that will make the Library of Alexandria look like a pamphlet stand at a truck stop. I'll chime in on subjects like tattoo styles, trends, placement suggestions, tattoo meanings, designs to avoid, recommendations on size and color, and way more expertise than any one person could ever withstand. There will be enough tricks in here to make Houdini do a spit take.


The staggering amount of tattoo wisdom that will soon populate this page will stretch your brain so far it will never return to its previously inadequate size! Check back regularly to get a thorough mind soaking in all things tattoo and tattoo adjacent. Nobody asked for this but here we are.

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