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Sean Cox Tattoo New Westminster.jpeg

What's up, fellow tattoo connoisseurs! I'm Sean, a seasoned tattooer and digital designer living and working in beautiful New Westminster, BC. At Royal Anchor Tattoo, I'm known for my big and bold designs that pack a punch with dynamic perspectives.

When it comes to tattooing, I'm all about the new school style. Give me cartoons, bright colors, animals, fantastic beasts, pinups, logos - you name it, I'll make it pop. I'm also a huge fan of biomech style, so hit me up if you're looking for something truly unique.

But let's talk art. My influences come from all over the place, from lowbrow art and pop surrealism to sports logos and Renaissance masters. I'm always drawing inspiration from life drawing and etching, too. It's all about keeping things fresh and interesting, you know?

At the end of the day, I'm just a regular guy who's been drawing since he was a kid. Tattooing caught my eye in the '90s when I saw a few badass tattooers who marched to the beat of their own drum. I wanted to be just like them - rebellious, confident, and uncompromising.

And while tattooing has gone mainstream in recent years, I still feel that same punk rock energy. It's inspiring to see new artists pushing the limits of what's possible with tattoos. That's what drives me to pursue excellence every day.

So if you're a freak, weirdo, or outcast - welcome to the party. I'm all about creating a friendly, supportive, and positive environment where everyone can feel comfortable. And hey, if you're looking for a good laugh, I've got plenty of stupid stories to spare. Let's make some kickass tattoos together, my friends.

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