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Sean cox working the Vancouver tattoo convention in 2016

Seasoned tattooer and digital designer. Pursuing excellence.

Hey, My name’s Sean, I am a tattooer living and working in New Westminster BC. I tattoo at Royal Anchor Tattoo. I like to tattoo big and bold designs with dynamic perspectives.  I prefer new school tattooing: cartoons, bright colours, animals, fantastic beasts, pinups, logos. I’d love to do more biomech style! Artistically I’m interested in lowbrow art, pop surrealism, pop art, sports logos, art nouveau, renaissance masters, life drawing and etching.

I’ve been drawing since I was a kid and tattooing since 2006. Reading tattoo magazines in the nineties is when I realized I wanted to be a tattooer. The few tattooers I had met definitely marched to the beat of their own drum, and they took no shit. I wanted to be just like that.

It all seemed very counter culture back then. This naturally appealed to me as a rebellious youth. Eventually I found it was just regular culture disguised as counter culture. Tattooing had gone mainstream. Technological advances allowed a new generation of artists to bypass the crusty old gatekeepers.  They took the medium and ran with it. It’s inspiring to see new artists pushing the limits of tattooing with their creativity and imagination. Now I want to be just like that. Join the tattoo renaissance. Freaks weirdos and outcasts welcome (just don’t make a mess).

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